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God Spotted Teaching at McGill GSLIS


By Peter Hepburn



God teaches at the McGill University Graduate School of Library and Information Studies in Montreal, Canada.  Previously thought to reside in the United Kingdom, apparently he has traded in his guitar for a professorship.


Reliable sources have claimed to have been taught courses in Information Policy and Online Information Retrieval by Eric “God” Clapton.  The guitar great shows up on Monday and Tuesday mornings, and has been known to keep office hours later in the week.  Speculation is that wrist tendonitis from wielding his axe and the damp British climate drove him to the comforts of obscurity in Montreal.


“God” (pictured here) was not available for comment.

'Eric' Large?


Other sources dispute that Clapton is teaching incognito at McGill.  Claims that Noel Gallagher of Oasis taught Language and Information last semester have surfaced.  Conflicting reports that George Harrison taught Information and Society the last two years are also under investigation.


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