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The Marginal Rocks!


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An Introduction Daniel Gwyn


          The February 2000 issue of American Libraries included an article on E-humour for librarians.  In a sidebar about websites to bookmark for future reference was included one for “a hip zine” otherwise known as the Marginal Librarian!  We have been recognised by our profession, or at least the ALA.


          These matters aside, this issue includes a rock reference regarding a certain faculty member, an account of the SLA trip to New York, Laura’s impressions of her first term (for which she was not paid by the School) poetry, and three articles dealing with librarians in books, movies and TV shows.


          This will be my last issue, as I will shortly be joining the work force, but not before I bid you adieu, as well as take a well-earned trip to England where I hope to visit the British Museum Library where Karl Marx worked.  Farewell and good luck!



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