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Libraries and Movies


Compiled by

Laura Cobrinik,

Daniel Gwyn,

Jeff Lilburn,

Will Meredith &

Chris Prince


While this ties into this issue's Fictional Librarian to a limited extent, the Marginal thought it would be fun to list a number of movies involving libraries.  First off, some great movie library moments:


1.  Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman poring over Library of Congress circulation records in “All the President's Men.”


2.  Morgan Freeman brooding with Dante as the library janitorial staff play cards in “Seven.”


3. Sean Connery & Christian Slater in monk's cowls lost in the monastery library in “The Name of the Rose.”


4. Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray and Harold Ramis try to 'get' a ghostly librarian in the basement of the Manhattan Public Library in “Ghostbusters.”  Also has best library line, “You're right human would stack books like that...”


5. “The Breakfast Club”: hot-boxing the A/V Room.


Other movies with library themes or scenes (of these titles were taken from a list in February 2000 issue of American Libraries):


          Citizen Kane (A typically negative view of librarians)

          The Human Comedy (Both the 1943 and 1970 versions)

          It’s a wonderful life (Another negative view of librarians)

          The FBI Story

          The Music Man

          Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Those of you heading to New York might want to see what the NYPL looked like way back when the movie was made.)

          The Spy who came in from the Cold (Richard Burton as a library assistant)

          You’re a Big Boy now

          Goodbye Columbus

          Chinatown (Book vandalism!)


          Debbie Does Dallas (Sex and librarians)

          Superman (Never move your boss’ ladder)

          Sophie’s Choice (Bad reference interview)

          Off Beat

          Party Girl

          Major League


          Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Timing is everything in stamping.)

          Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast  (A library as a romantic gift!)

          Hard Boiled (A Hong Kong action flick that features a gun being hidden in library book.)

          City of Angels

          The Mummy (1999 version) (Includes a spectacular demonstration of a poor shelving technique.)


TV shows featuring librarians:

          Due South (Fraser’s Grandparents were librarians)

          Buffy the Vampire Slayer

          John Woo’s Once a Thief


          These lists are hardly exhaustive, but enough to keep you glued to the boob tube for a while.


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