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Librarians As Characters In Fiction:

Biographies, Poetry and

The History of Libraries, Including Textbooks

For Library Studies


By Laura Cobrinik


From the bookshelves of Laura Cobrinik—Books for all readers.  No matter what genre you like, enjoy, or love, you will be sure to meet a Librarian in a Library.  Happy Reading!!



Children’s Picture Books:

Caseley, Judith.  Sophie and Sammy’s Sleepover.  New York:  Greenwillow Books, 1993.  [ISBN: 0-688-10615-3]


Freeman, Don.  Quiet!  There’s a Canary In The Library.  San Carlos, California:  Golden Gate Junior Books, 1969. [ISBN: 0-516-08737-1]


Hopkins, Lwo Benner and Stevenson, Harvey, Ilustrator.  Good Books, Good Times. (A Charlotte Zolotow Book.) New York: Harper & Row Publishers, 1990. [ISBN: 0-06-2258-0]


Mann, Pamela and Newton, Jill.  The Frog Princess.  Milwaukee:  Gareth Stevens Publishing, 1995.  [ISBN: 0-8368-1352-0]


Pat, Mora and Raul Colon, Illustrator.  Tomas And The Library Lady.  New York:  Alfred A. Knopf, 1997.


Pinkwater, Daniel.  Aunt Lulu.  New York:  Macmillan Publishing Company, 1988.  [ISBN:  0-02-774661-5]


Rockwell, Ann.  I Like the Library.  New York:  E.P. Dutton, 1977.  [ISBN: 0-525-32528-X]


Stewart, Sarah and Small, David, Illustrator.  The Library.  New York:  Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1995. [ISBN: 0-374-34388-8]


Thaler, Mike and Lee, Jared, Illustrator.  The Librarian from the Black Lagoon.  New York:  Scholastic Inc., 1997. [ISBN: 0-590-50331]


Williams, Suzanne and Kellogg, Steven, Illustrator.  Library Lil.  New York:  Dial Books For Young Readers, 1997.  [0-8037-1698-2]


Intermediate Readers:


Bellairs, John.  The Dark Secret of Weatherend:  An Anthony Monday Mystery.  New York:  Puffin Books, 1984. [ISBN: 0-14-038006-X]


Clifford, Eth and Hughes, George, Illustrator.  Help!  I’m a Prisoner in the Library.  Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1979. [ISBN: 0-395-28478-3]


Estes, Eleanor and Ayer, Jacqueline, Illustrator.  The Lost Umbrella of Kim Chu. New York:  Anthenum, 1978.  [ISBN:  0-689-50111-0]


Kay, Marilyn.  Phoebe.  Orlando, Florida:  Gullivee Books/ Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1987.  [ISBN:  0-15-200430-0]


Konigsburg, E.L.  Jennifer, Hecate, MacBeth, William McKinley, and Me, Elizabeth.  New York:  Anthenum, 1967.  [ISBN:  0-689-30007-7] (My own autographed copy)


Levinson, Nancy Smiler and Croll, Carolyn, Illustrator.  Clara and the Bookwagon.  (An I Can Read Book)  New York:  Harper & Row, Publishers, 1988.  [ISBN:  0-06-023838-0]


Levy, Elizabeth.  Something Queer at the Library:  A Mystery.  (A Yearling Book)  New York:  Dell Publishing Co., Inc., 1977.  [ISBN:  0-440-48120-1]


Martin, Ann M.  Mary Anne and the Library Mystery.  (The Baby Sitters Club:  Mystery #13) [An Apple Paperback]  New York:  Scholastic Inc., 1994.  [ISBN: 0-590-47051-5]


Seuling, Barbara and Brewer, Paul, Illustrator.  Oh No.  It’s Robert.  Chicago:  Font Street/ Cricket Books, 1999.  [ISBN:  0-8126-2934-5]


Spinelli, Jerry.  The Library Card.   New York:  Scholastic Press, 1997.  [ISBN: 0-590-4673-X]


Warner, Gertrude Chandler and Tang, Charles, Illustrator.  The Deserted Library Mystery.  Morton Grove, Illinois:  Albert Whitman & Company, 1991. [ISBN:  0-875-1561-2]


Young Adult Books:


Pfeffer, Susan Beth.  Nobody’s Daughter. (A Yearling Book)  New York:  Bantam Doubleday/ Dell Books For Young Readers, 1995.  [ISBN:  0-440-411602]


William, Kate, Created by Pascal, Francine.  Sweet Valley High: “R” For Revenge. New York:  Bantam Books, 1997.  [ISBN:  0-533-57072-2]


Adult Fiction (General):


Betts, Doris.  Heading West.  (Scribner Paperback Fiction)  New York:  Simon & Schuster, 1981.  [ISBN:  0-684-80115-9]


Cooley, Martha.  The Archivist.  New York:  Little, Brown and Company, 1998.  [ISBN:  0-316-15872-0]


Denison, Lyn.  Gold Fever.  Tallahassee, Florida:  Naiad Press, 1999.  [ISBN:156280-201]


Douglas, Kirk.  Last Tango in Brooklyn.  New York:  Warner Books, Inc, 1994. [ISBN:  0-446-51695-3]


Grayson, Emily.  The Observatory.  New York: William Morrow, 2000.

          [ISBN: 0-688-17439-6]


Hegi, Ursula.  Stones From the River.  (Scribner Paperback Fiction)  New York: Simon & Schuster, 1994.  [ISBN:  0-684-84477-X]


Hellenga, Robert.  The Sixteen Pleasures.  (A Delta Book)  New York:  Dell Publishing, c. 1989, 1994.  [ISBN:  0-385-31469-9]


Lewis, Sinclair.  Main Street.  (Signet Classic)  New York:  Penguin Books USA, Inc., c.1920, 1948, 1961.  [ISBN:  0-451-52461-6]


McCracken, Elizabeth.  The Giant’s House. (National Book Award Finalist)  New York: The Dial Press, 1996. [ISBN:  0-385-31433-7]


Murakami, Haruki and Birnbaum, Alfred, Translator.  Hard-Boiled Wonderland:  and the End of the World:  A Novel  (Vintage International)  New York:  Vintage Books, A Division of Random House, Inc., c.1991, 1993 [ISBN: 0-679-74346-6]


Plain, Belva.  Fortune’s Hand.  New York:  Delacorte Press, Random House, Inc.,1999. [ISBN:  0-385-31602-5]


Powers, Richard.  The Gold Bug Variantions.  New York:  HarperPerennial, 1991, 1992. [ISBN:  0-06-097500-8]


Smiley, Jane.  Duplicate Keys.  New York:  Fawcett Columbine, 1984.  [ISBN: 0-449-90879-8]


Wharton, Edith.  Summer.  (Scribner Paperback Fiction)  New York:  Simon & Schuster, c.1917, 1998.  [ISBN:  0-684-84258-0]


Willison, Meredith.  The Music Man: A Novel.  New York:  Pyramid Books, c. 1950, 1962.


Adult Mystery:


Block, Lawrence.  The Burglar In The Library.  (A Signet Book)  New York:  Penguin Group, c.1997, 1998. [ISBN:  0-451-40783-0]


Fisher, David E.  Katie’s Terror.  New York:  William  Morrow and Company, Inc., 1982.  [ISBN:  0-688-0-1114-4]


Goodrum, Charles A.  Dewey Decimated.  New York:  Harper and Row, Publishers, 1977, 1988.  [ISBN:  0-060-80933-7]


Langton, Jane.  Dead As A Dodo:  A Homer Kelly Mystery.  New York:  Penguin Books, 1996. [ISBN:  0-14-02-4795-5]



_______.  Emily Dickinson Is Dead.  New York:  Penguin Books, 1984.  [ISBN:  0-14-00-7771-5]                                                                                                                                             


_______.  Good And Dead:  A Homer Kelly Mystery.  New York:  Penguin Books, 1986. [ISBN: 0-14-01-0088-1]


Matteson, Stefanie.  Murder At The Falls.  New York:  Berkley Prime Crime, c.1993.  [ISBN: 0-425-14008-3]


Monfredo, Miriam Grace.  Blackwater Spirits.  New York:  Berkley Prime Crime, c. 1995. [ISBN: 0425-15266-9]


______.  North Star Conspiracy.  New York:  Berkley Prime Crime, c. 1993, 1995. [ISBN: 0-425-14720-7]


______.  Seneca Falls Inheritance.  (A Thomas Dunne Book) New York:  St. Martin’s Press, 1992. [ISBN: 0-312-07082-0]


Peters, Elizabeth.  Naked Once More.  New York:  Warner Books, 1989. [ISBN: 0-446-36032-5]


Tey, Josephine.  The Daughter of Time.  (Scribner Paperback Fiction)  New York: Simon & Schuster, c.1951, 1995. [ISBN: 0-684-80386-0]


Truman, Margaret.  Murder at the Library of Congress.  New York:  Random House, 1999.  [ISBN: 0-375-50068-5]


Adult Romance:


Linz, Cathie.  Too Smart For Marriage.  New York:  Harlequin, 1998.  [ISBN: 0-373-44051-0] *Psudonym for Cathie L. Baumgardner.




Campbell, Patty.  Two Pioneers of Young Adult Services. (VOYA Occasional Papers Series.) Latham, Maryland, 1998. [ISBN: 0-8108-3423-5]


Guerrier, Edith.  An Independent Woman:  The Autobiography of Edith Gurrier. Amherst, MA:  The University of Amherst Press, 1992. [ISBN: 0-87023-756-X]




Drake, David.  Overdue Notice:  Poems From the Library.  Jefferson, NC:  McFarland & Company, Inc., 1995. [ISBN:  0-7864-0052-8]


History of Libraries, and “Coffee Table Books”:


Allen, Nancy S. and Kozlowski, Carol.  Guide To New England Art Museum Libraries.  Boston, MA :  Museum of Fine Arts, 1976.


Baker, Nicolas, et al.  Treasures of the British Library.  New York :  Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1988. [ISBN : 0-0109-1653-3]


Dickinson, Donald.  Henry Huntington’s Library of Libraries.  San Marino, CA : Huntington Library Press, 1995.  [ISBN :  0-87328-153-5]


Goodrum, Charles.  Treasures of the Library of Congress.  New York :  Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1980. [ISBN : 0-8109-1661-4]


Griliches, Diane, Photographer and Boorstin, Daniel, Essayist.  LIBRARY : The Drama Within.  Alburquerque, New Mexico : University of New Mexico

Press, in association with the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress, Washington, DC, 1996, c.1997.


Hanson, Elizabeth Ida. A Jewel in a Park :  Westmount Public Library, 1897-1918.  Montreal, Quebec : Ve’hicule Press, 1997. (ISBN : 1-55065-087-4]


In August Company :  The Collections of The Pierpont Morgan Library.  New York : The Pierpont Morgan Library, In Association with Harry N. Abrams,  Inc., New York, 1993.  [ISBN : 0-8109-3863-4]


Lerner, Fred.  The Story of LIBRARIES :  From the Invention of Writing to the Computer Age.  New York : Contium, 1998.


Moody, Edgar C.  The Fraser Hickson Library :  An Informal History.   London : Clive Bingley, 1977.  [ISBN : 0-85157-233-2]


New York Society Library, 1997 Annual Report.  Dean, William J., Chair.  New York : New York Society Library, 1998.


Textbooks :


Bloomberg, Marty.  Introduction to Public Services for Library Technicians. 2nd ed. Littleton, Colorado, Libraries Unlimted, 1977. [ISBN : 0-87287-187-9]


Bloomberg, Marty and Evans, G Edward.  Introduction to Technical Services for Library Tecnicians. (ISBN : 0-78287-103-7]


Bopp, Richard E. and Smith, Linda C. Reference and Information Services :  An Introduction.  Englewood, CO :  Libraries Unlimited, 1995. [ISBN : 1-56308-130- X]


Cataloging Hersey : Challenging The Standard Bibliographic Project : Proceedings of the Congress for Librarians, February 18, 1991—St. John’s University, Jamaica, New York, with additional papers.  Weinberg, Bella Haas, Editor.  Medford , NJ :  Learned Information, Inc., 1992.  [ISBN : 0-938734-60-1]


Evans, G. Edward.  Developing Library and Information Center Collections.  Englewood, Colorado :  Libraries Unlimited, 2000. [ISBN : 1-56308-706-5]


Evans, G. Edward and Heft, Sandra M.  Introduction to Technical Services.  (Sixth Edition)  Englewood, Colorado :  Libraries Unlimited, 1994. [ISBN : 0-87287-939-9]


Hagler, Ronald.  The Bibliographic Record and Information Technology.  3rd ed. Chicago, ILL :  American Library Association, 1997.  [0-8389-0707-5]


Jennerich, Elaine Z. and Jennerich, Edward, J. The Reference Interview As A Creative Art.  Englewood, Colorado : Libraries Unlimited, Inc., 1997, [ISBN : 1-56308-     466-X]


Katz, William A.  Introduction To Reference Work :  Volume I : Basic Information Sources. 7th Edition.  New York :  The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 1997. [ISBN : 0-07-0342277-6]


______.  Introduction To Reference Work :  Volume II :  Reference Service and Reference Processess.  7th Ed.  New York :  The McGraw Companies, Inc., 1997. [ISBN : 0-07-034278-4]


Lancaster, F.W.  If You Want To Evaluate Library...  2nd Edition.  Champaign, ILL, 1992.  [ISBN : 0-87845-091-2]


Lancaster, F. Wilfrid and Warner, Amy.  Information Retrieval Today.  Revised, Retitled and Expanded Ed. Arlington, VA :  Information Resources Press, 1993.


Large, A., Tedd, L.A., Hartley, R.J. Information Seeking in the Online Age :  Principles And Practices.  London : Bowker-Sur, 1999.


Powell, Ronald, R. Basic Research Methods For Librarians.  Third Edition. Greenwich, CT :  Ablex Publishing, 1997, 1999. [ISBN : 1-56750-338-1]


Sullivan, Peggy.  Opportunites in Library and Information Science.  (Vocational Guidence Manuals.)  Louisville, Kentucky :  Data Courrier, Inc., 1977. [ISBN : 0-89022-224-X]


Taylor, Arlene G. and Wyner, Bohdan S.  Introduction To Cataloging and Classification. 8th Ed. Englewood : CO : Libraries Unlimited, Inc., 1992. [ISBN : 0-87287- 986-4]


Wright, Keith C. and Davie, Judith F. Library and Information Services For Handicapped Individuals.  Englewood, CO : Libraries Unlimited, 1989.  [ISBN : 0-87287632-2]


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