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Why this issue is so Crummy?


by the DBR

(Designated Blame Recipient)


          Some of our readers must surely be asking themselves this question.  To this I could answer that there was a technical problem relating to the software used to create the Marginal.  (This can be summed up by saying that Front Page is no longer available in the IT Lab.)  Furthermore, there is a certain chair-keyboard interface problem relating to auxiliary software.  (The editor doesn't understand Arachnopilia.)  Compounding this problem is the fact that due unforeseen engagements the editing process of the Marginal began at an alternate date. (The editor can't manage his time.)  So instead

we are using Microsoft Word 2000 to edit this issue.  While the quality is not as good, we should not have the same complaints we had about printing the last issue.

          However, the staff has decided to incorporate the flaws in this issue as a theme derived from Monty Python's Contractual Obligation Album.  Namely, we are pretending we really don't want to do it.  With any luck next fall issue

will witness a return to the high visual quality regular Marginal Librarian readers are accustomed to.



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