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The Glamour Librarian
(Read: How to Increase your Reference Statistics)

the author by Karen Baracat

Well LB's and LG's! (read: Library Boys and Library Girls) Welcome to the first vivacious edition of "The Glamour Librarian"! In this column, all will be discussed in terms of the external appearance we give out there on the front lines of total expression! Let's face it, "they" pay attention to us out there, whether it be at the reference desk, at circulation or even as we take books from the shelves. We 'are' the end all and be all of the information world. Consequently, it is time to better assert ourselves on every level - even how WE look!

Now, I know, I know, some of you are reading this column and. thinking "oh puh- leeaase!" But seriously folks- it's time to stare those books straight in the face and say "we can handle you in the most glamorous way ever!" And here's how! Let's start with an easy one: the overall look.


Between doing my nails and talking on the phone (answering reference questions of course!) I decided that instead of going to the mall to find my 'librarianish' outfits, I would let the mall come to me. Do you actually believe that those patrons live in a bubble before coming to us with an information request? No Baby! They have been prancing around in the exact shopping paradise you would never have the time to check out. Therefore here are my personal (tried and true) suggestions:

When the patron enters, size him or her up. Look at what they are wearing- is it this year's fashion 'faux-pas' or 'glam-gear' extraordinaire?

Next, how could you make this outfit work for you? Look at the WHOLE picture- are the shoes as great as the outfit? (Maybe if there's another patron waiting in line, you could mix-and-match the looks between patrons)

By doing this, you'll have more than all this year's hottest looks right before your eyes!


Once all your outfits have been chosen- it's time to venture out into that world of fashion! WAIT! Don't venture out before considering these few points:

This is what we are aiming for:

  • Sexy, not sleazy (yes, men too!!!)
  • Smart, not snobbish
  • Sharp, not sloppy
  • Colour-coordinated, not colour-coded (like the books!)

After all these suggestions are used, I guarantee that you will be a hit in your library! (Remember that the way you exert yourself has something to do with it too!) With this in mind- here's are some closing remarks:

At no time may your work clash with your fashion statement. (Read: if carrying books for a whole afternoon will wrinkle your outfit- ditch the outfit)

At no time may your 'home' screen clash with your fashion statement. (Read: if the home screen on your computer is pink then red outfits are OUT- don't forget that technology has made us more aware of clothing choice as well!)

At no time may your colleagues clash with your fashion statement. (Read: Always have an emergency spare outfit to keep colours around the workplace pleasant) If this is impossible, then make sure to schedule matching colours of outfits together and leave the stray colours for the 'end shifts'.

In the next issue: NAILS NAILS NAILS!


Learning to accessorize to set YOU apart from the rest!

Little Karen
She was always the Glamour Librarian, darlings.